Buildup of three floors of the office center on sq. Petrushevich, 3 in the city of Lviv


Buildup of three floors of the four-story building with a basement was made in the light metal structures in the full frame. Structural diagram of the main building is an incomplete reinforced concrete frame with longitudinal external load-bearing brick walls due to the corridor scheme 6.3 + 2.4 + 6.3 m. Precast reinforced concrete floorings on the hollow slabs. Columns interval of the longitudinal frames: 4.0 m. By dismantling the flat roofing and application of ultra light floorings with polystyrene concrete on the profiled planking weighing 80 kg/m2, avoiding of the strengthening of foundations and columns in the basement floor was achieved. Structural diagram of the metal frame of buildup is a three-span three-story cross frame made of rolling profiles with pin-connected joints with reinforced concrete columns of the building and monolithic belts on the walls. Secondary beams of bended thin-walled galvanized profiles, flooring in the form of hard disks. Strengthening the separation walls of the first and second floors is made with the carbon fibers of “Sika” company.