Shopping center “Arsen” on the street Knyahyni Olʹhy


The building is located on the site with the complex engineering geological conditions – karst (IV category). Directly within the building at a depth of 20 m, two water filled cavities were found with a volume of around 3000 m2 and a maximum length of 20 m. Building foundations were designed in the form of monolithic box plate with the dimensions of 88×96 m. The thickness of the top and bottom shelves is 200 mm. Rib grid – 6×6 m, frame column grid – 18×18 m. Rib thickness of 300 – 400 mm and a height of 800 mm. Frame is one-storied reinforced concrete. External columns in the walls with section 250×250 mm are united with monolithic belts on the height of 2 m. The internal columns 400x 400 m are pendulum-like. Trusses are under the rafter, non-split, steel with a height of 1.4 m in the axis of bent-welded pipes of the square section. Rafter trusses are restrained on the upper and lower belts of the under rafter trusses with the interval of 6 m. To reduce the weight of the house, the slope of flat insulated no-span roof on the profiled planking is made in different height of the columns and broken longitudinal axis of the under rafter trusses