Arena Lviv – Euro 2012


Construction plot with complex engineering-geological conditions – karst. Foundations of the main frames are column-like, monolithic. The main frame of the stands is double-deck reinforced concrete monolithic made of concrete S30/35 class. The frames of the lower deck are five-span, the upper one are one-span with inclined collar with consoles. Frame interval – 10 m; variable height – 30-35 m. The folds of placing rows are precast, reinforced concrete. The frequency of the own oscillations is 10.5 Hz determined by field tests. Concrete class is C35/45. Anchors for trusses mounting are prestrained, made of steel 09G2S with diameter 48-72 mm. Control of the previous tensions is made by the filed tests of anchors. Console for the structural covering has the length of 50 m. The building of the stadium is divided with anti-seismic seams in 12 sections. West building is five-stores on slab foundation. Frames are crossing reinforced concrete four-span monolithic with the interval of 10 m. Flooring on prestrained precast reinforced concrete hollow slabs in the height of 320 mm and 400mm with spans in 10-16 m.